Your Next Pastor: Guidelines for Finding God’s Person for Your Church

Warren Bullock

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Will your church survive and flourish in what can be a hazardous and difficult event? Among the most difficult and traumatic times in the lifecycle of a congregation is the departure of a lead pastor and the arrival of a new lead pastor. Getting all the elements right, and in right order, for a good and healthy transition is an invaluable gift for the departing pastor, the arriving pastor, and the surviving congregation-all of whose spiritual and emotional lives are most often turned upside down during the process of the change. In Your Next Pastor, Dr. Warren Bullock describes what constitutes a healthy pastoral transition with highly practical guidelines for everyone involved. He provides step-by-step details on how to get through the transition with clarity and directness including an appendix of helpful forms. This is not a book of theory, but a book of wise and gentle guidance based on Dr. Bullocks’ many years of experience.