Your Journey Of Being, by Tom Anderson


Do you want to wake up and feel more passion and purpose in your life? Life design expert Tom Anderson teaches you exactly how to identify what you want for your life and shows you how to design your life around your inner most desires. More like three books in one, Your Journey Of Being walks you step by step on your journey toward your ideal life.
Starting with The ABC’s of Success, Tom will show you how to build a solid foundation for creating your life. You will identify who you really are and answer the questions that help you get into momentum.
Continuing on, you will learn how to overcome the 4 most common blocks to achieving your goals. The Next Level will give you the mental strength it takes to keep going when you face challenges along the way.
Finally, in Reaching The Peak you’ll discover exactly what it takes to live a purposeful life and what makes you unstoppable in your pursuit of your goals and dreams. Tom will show you, step by step, how to design th…