Xavior’s Transparent Free Edition, by Joseph Xavior Patterson

Xavior’s TRANSPARENT is a very personal journey into the artistic mind of a cutting edge writer. It is an introduction to avant-garde poet and artist Xavior. This free version does not include the interactive media. Below is a partial review and forward of this work.        Xavior’s TRANSPARENT Shines Through
First you might be in the dark, but soon comes a transmission of light, and clearness and clarity comes through. In Xavior’s TRANSPARENT we find ourselves looking into a glass brightly, like those who master glasswork, stemware and windowpanes. Xavior’s TRANSPARENT is like reading a crystal watch in a display case. It is vitrified and lucid. His microscopical distinctiveness becomes explicit as we read his work in plain English and plain speech…
Rayfer Earle Mainor, Poet Laureate