Up from the Mission: Selected Writings

Noel Pearson

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Up from the Mission charts the life and thought of Noel Pearson, from his early days as a native title lawyer to his position today as one of Australia’s most influential figures.

This is writing of great passion and power, which introduces a fascinating man and a compelling writer. Many of the pieces included have been hard to find until now. Gathered together in a cohesive, broad-ranging book, they show a key Australian thinker coming into being.

Pearson evokes his early life in Hope Vale, Queensland. He includes sections of his epoch-making essay ‘Our Right To Take Responsibility’, which exposed the trap of passive welfare and proposed new ways forward. There are pieces on the apology; on Barack Obama and black leadership; on Australian party politics – Keating, Howard and Rudd; and on alcoholism, despair and what can be done to mend Aboriginal communities that have fallen apart.

Up from the Mission is among the most relentless and exciting work I have read in recent years … Pearson’s analysis is blisteringly compelling’ – Waleed Aly, The Sunday Age

‘Noel Pearson is the best political and social essayist in the country’ – Michael Gawenda, Crikey