Ulterior Motives, by Mark O Neal


Chicago is where this saga begins. Pro basketball player Maurice Ousley had just come home for the Mother’s Day weekend to spend time with his family after his team got bounced out the NBA playoffs. Maurice is carefree even though his season is done, and he is looking forward to the summer. However, there is drama immediately after he arrives in Chicago, and his stepfather is kidnapped by a pair of ruthless thugs for a million dollar ransom. He has forty-eight hours to come up with the money or else his stepfather is dead.
Ulterior Motives is Volume 1 of the Maurice Ousley series (Ulterior Motives, The Moment of Truth, Blind Love, Keep Your Enemies Closer); and each eBook is available for instant download on my website. Take a journey into a world of sex, drugs and murder that is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.