The Ultimate Defense: A Practical Plan to Prevent Man’s Self-Destruction

Fredric F. Clair

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The utter extinction fo mankind by atomic warfare is a horrifying possibility?if not a probability?whether we face it or not. The Ultimate Defense diagnoses this most crucial problem of our generation and presents a practical plan for solving it.

The ethical, pan-humanistic presentation of the author not only reveals a logical plan but also a specific plan. Through its strong personal effect upon the reader, each individual becomes aware of his responsibility for the situation and why it is necessary for him to contribute to its solution.

Ringing with sincerity, the author’s message extracts the very essence, the basic moral core that units all religions and reveals the identical ethics at the heart of all of them.

This is no theoretical treatise on ethics, nor does it advocate any cult or creed. Based on a study of comparative religion, it brings into common focus, with burning brightness, the rays of light that emanate from all religions. The result is a central core of truth that shows not only how to prevent annihilation, but even more important, HOW TO LIVE.