The Tycoon’s Make-Believe Fiancée, by Elizabeth Lennox

It’s wonderful to be engaged! Or at least it would be if he actually had a fiancée…
Royston is reunited with his sister at last – and she’s married and expecting! He is thrilled but so caught off guard when she questions him about his love life. He makes up a story about a non-existent fiancée, just to protect her gentle heart. Now he has to produce a fiancée in a matter of hours when they meet for dinner!
When Royston finds Miranda in his office, he questions her and is impressed with her financial knowledge. Not to mention her long legs and enchanting eyes. He quickly decides she’s just right for the role of fake fiancée. She’s beautiful, smart, can think on her feet and she has a spark that captures his attention in all the right ways.
Will she accept his real proposal to be his faux bride to be? Will their act become more than that? When his faux admission becomes one of truth, he’s torn between a raging battle between his heart and his mind. Which will win in the end?