The Synchronicity Journal: Your Personal Record of Signs Big and Small

Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor

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Format: EPUB

Page count: 128 pages

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Language: English

Have you ever thought about an old friend in the morning, only to hear from her that afternoon?

Has a spontaneous change of heart worked out better than all of your best-laid plans?

Have you ever discovered an uncanny connection between you and a complete stranger?

What does it all mean?

Only by recording moments of synchronicity in your life can you begin to become attuned to their presence–and make sense of their significance. This journal provides the perfect place to take note of seemingly innocuous occurrences so you can piece them together to find deeper meaning. You’ll achieve greater clarity with each page you fill and every sign you interpret.

Use this lovely resource as a tool to develop a keen eye for the messages all around you–and a guide to the answers you seek.