The Renegade Money Guide, by Brad Wajnman

The Renegade Money Guide reveals 3 little-known passive profit methods that are intentionally being held back from you by those who would prefer that you never hear a peep about them.
Unlike a lot of things online, it’s NOT filled with a bunch of hyped-up promises or rehashed garbage – only rock solid strategies that have helped people just like you generate passive cash-flow and build long-term wealth.
Imagine getting tapped on the shoulder one day and hearing nothing but the words “you’re in”.
Suddenly you’re given access to proven methods (so easy they’re almost “unfair”) for generating a passive income to the tune of $10,267.15 (or more) per month.
These methods are as different from the typical “passive income methods” you see advertised online as a Ferrari is from a rusted-out Pinto.
We’re talking about true ‘set it and forget it’ type money that just shows up while you’re sleeping, on vacation or just spending time with your loved ones. Read the report for all the details.