The One Thing in 30 Minutes – The Expert Guide to Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s Critically Acclaimed Book


The 30 Minute Expert Series

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The ONE Thing …in 30 minutes is the essential guide to understanding the simple formula for achieving extraordinary results as outlined by Gary Keller in his latest best-selling book, The ONE Thing. – Concise synopsis, which examines the principles of The ONE Thing – In-depth analysis of key concepts, including how to generate a Focusing Question to identify your ONE thing, and the common myths that derail people from achieving their goals – Insightful background on Gary Keller and coauthor Jay Papasan and the origins of the book – Extensive recommended reading list and bibliography About the 30 Minute Expert Series The 30 Minute Expert Series is designed for busy individuals interested in acquiring an in-depth understanding of seminal works. The series offers detailed analyses, critical presentations of key ideas and their application, extensive reading lists for additional information, and contextual understanding of the work of leading authors. Designed as companions to the original works, the 30 Minute Expert Series enables readers to develop expert knowledge of important works …in 30 minutes. As with all books in the 30 Minute Expert Series, this book is intended to be a companion to the reviewed title, The ONE Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.