The Nutcracker of Nuremberg – Illustrated with Silhouettes Cut by Else Hasselriis


Alexandre Dumas

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Here Pook Press presents the Nutcracker of Nuremberg illustrated with wonderful, charming silhouettes. These silhouettes were cut by Else Hasselriis, who has by guiding her keen-bladed little scissors outward from the centre of the black paper has created a new and charming world for us. Her skill lends another dimension to the black paper, yet the restrained treatment leaves many delightful, shadowy details to the imagination. Pook Press celebrates the Golden Age of Illustration. During this period, the popularity, abundance and – most importantly – the unprecedented upsurge in the quality of illustrated works marked an astounding change in the way that publishers, artists and the general public came to view this hitherto insufficiently esteemed art form.