The New Granny’s Survival Guide


Gransnet (Author) and Janet Ellis (Introduction author)

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Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

With half of the UK’s grandparents aged under 65, being a granny is no longer all blue rinses, hip replacements and bingo. Happy, healthy and energetic, the modern gran is worlds away from the little old biddy stereotype.

If you’re a new gran, or about to become one, The New Granny’s Survival Guide is your essential handbook for grandparenting. Packed full of sanity-saving advice from Gransnet – the number one online platform for grannies – this book covers everything you need to know to be a brilliant gran.

With practical guidance, hilarious insights and fresh ideas, you’ll discover:

· Top tips for entertaining your grandchildren

· Advice on building great relationships with in-laws

· Guidance on how to cope with broken families, competitive grannies and difficult situations

· Suggestions for how to juggle your own social life with being a hands-on gran

With a foreword by Janet Ellis and full of wit and wisdom, The New Granny’s Survival Guide is the perfect companion for today’s dynamic grannies.