The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

Jonathan Cross

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When Jamieson Stone, the world’s most famous television news anchor, apparently commits suicide on live international television, Stone’s widow hires detective Michael Brand to find out the truth. Brand discovers that Stone was murdered, but the “how and why” behind the crime is a mystery. While doing his best to protect Mrs. Stone, Brand uncovers information that points to Jamieson’s involvement in arming the international space station.

As three rogue generals from Russia, China, and the U.S surreptitiously work to install a weapon that will divide the world into three parts, by controlling the minds of all its inhabitants, Brand sets out to stop them. Enlisting the help of Mrs. Stone, the mafia, and a covert operative team, will Brand be able to hunt down the weapon and stop the evil generals’ plot?

About the Author:

Jonathan Cross has written several suspense/mystery novels, including Soul Bearer and Vatican Conspiracy. His ability to weave plot and character is reminiscent of the great suspense writers. However, he brings a new and exciting style of writing that captures the readers inside the story as if they are part of the plot.

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