The Long March of Progress: A Historical and Personal Account, by Mahmood Hasan Khan


It is a historical narrative of human progress, in which the author has included his own experience on three continents. The first part of this book focuses on the emergence of the ‘Modern Age’ in the West. In the second part, the author describes the arrival of Muslim invaders, Arabs, Afghans and Turks, their conquest and long rule in India to provide a contextual background for the evolution of an Indo-Muslim culture. The third part includes a description of the conditions of India in the eighteenth century, including the disintegration of Mughal Empire and the contest for power and territory among the native regional groups (Afghans, Marathas, Sikhs, and Jats) along with the European trading companies. It was during this period that two of the author’s ancestors migrated from the Roh (hills in the north-west) to the Gangetic plain: Rohila settlements in the Gangetic plain were the foundation for his family’s march of progress. The fourth part comprises an acc…