The Layman’s Guide to The Glycemic Index Diet: A Concise Guide To The GI Diet

Lisa Patrick

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“The Layman’s Guide to The Glycemic Index Diet” helps the reader to get a more than basic understanding of what it takes to learn how to eat the right combination of foods to remain in optimal health and not to consume too many carbohydrates or increase the levels of blood sugar. There are quite a number of diets out there that are gaining popularity with what they are purported to do. What ends up happening however, is that after a while the individual that opts to do one of those fad diets finds out that the diet is only a temporary fix to the problem that they have. The one thing that has worked consistently is to learn how to modify the diet and have the right combinations of foods at each meal. This will help keep the carbohydrates consumed in check and the sugars as well. That is what the Glycemic diet is all about; learning control by watching the numbers.