The Exchange

Nikki Rashan

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“What’s done in the dark eventually comes to light.” When delivered by his pastor, those words stir up memories of guilt and shame for Jerome Thomas. In the early years of his marriage, Jerome made several mistakes-neglecting his family, struggling with bouts of alcoholism, and wasting money. But the one mistake he regrets the most is cheating on his wife. Every morning before she opens her eyes, Taylor Belle says a quick prayer for forgiveness. The guilt of the affair she had and the lives of the people she hurt weigh heavily on her heart. She knows that she needs to settle things with Jerome before God will lift her burden. Several years have passed since the affair, but there is still unfinished business between Taylor and Jerome that could destroy their families. What will happen when the repercussions of their last intimate encounter catch up to them? Will God mend old wounds and restore the love and peace they once knew, or are Jerome and Taylor destined to suffer the consequences of their past sins for years to come?