The Dastardly Mr Winkle Meets His Match, by Rufus Offor


Imagine a deeply miserable Fox Mulder with a potent distain for the even remotely strange, a hell of a lot of gin, super powers, and violent tendencies on a grail quest and you’re pretty much there!
“the story was riveting, humorous and exciting.”
“a bit too much gleeful violence and death for my taste”
“It’s now 2.45 in the afternoon and other than breakfast, I’ve done nothing apart from lie in bed with my Kindle. ‘Roof’ must keep writing – he has genius qualities. Time for a shower and then back to Mr (Winkle) . . . . brilliant.”
This book is a black comedy. If you are easily offended about religious matters then you’re better off reading another work of fiction… I hear the bible’s quite good.
“The truth is out there, and if he finds it… he’s going to insert explosives violently into it’s rectum!”
Mr Winkle utterly despises anything even remotely peculiar, which is a bit of a shame as he’s been a magnet for the bizarre ever since his hamster was killed in a freak seance accident when he was a child.
The Holy Grail has been an object of great fascination for centuries and obviously, when Shoop gets a whiff of it, he instantly wants to destroy the damn thing! Unfortunately there is a lot of very nasty people that want to get at it before he does and would be very happy if he were riddled with sharp things in the process. And so the race begins.
Little do they know that the Holy Grail has been around since the dawn of life on this planet and has no plans to go anywhere any time soon, well not before she’s had a nice cup of herbal tea anyway.
WARNING: I am a writer, and a reasonable one too. What I am not is an editor. Neither can I afford one, so please be patient with the odd typo or extra word here and there. Thank you and enjoy.
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