The Convention, by Bob N. Wallace

This book is not about religion. It is about people. Religion only helps to tell the story about the people in it. Sometime in the not-too-distant past, there may have been a defining moment in your life, when situations either came together, or fell completely fell apart. It may have been a marriage, a career, or something else. However, when something bad happened, either you chose to accept it, or you tried to overcome it. This is what happens to the two main characters in the story that you are about to read. They choose the latter. They attempt to overcome the bad things that happen to them, and subsequently they experience their defining moment together. They are married to each other, and want to do well in their jobs in order to have respect both in their careers; and in their church. Instead, jealousy and rage confront them. They must either succumb to the blind and selfish ambition of others; or figure a way to overcome those situations and succeed amidst denominational politics and deception. They are deeply involved with the people and issues that most denominations face today. Is that a real stretch? No. The real problem in this story is how the two people meet and handle the defining moment in their lives, as they are challenged by the bad behavior of a few individuals. The reader must keep in mind that even though all of the characters in the story are fictional, they are still people of God who have experienced their defining moments. Download this FREE e-Book today!