The Aluminum Quest, by Lee Willard


In this sweeping sequel to the Tdeshi Quest, Jorma and Venna’s idyllic life in Sinbara is interrupted by visitors from Earth, looking for documents she had left in the house they bought from Ava. Then Venna disappears and they tell him she is really an agent working for a rouge Brazilian colonel, and disappear on her trail. Soon after, he finds the world is threatened with impact from a giant asteroid and the maps and cargo receipt they were searching for, along with a derelict Brazilian starship, may be all that stands in its way.
Eight people experience much the same time line, each knowing a little more about the events that are unfolding. The story takes us from a quiet peasant farm, thru the bustle of the great city of the Yakahn, into the wilds of the Elven Highlands and into the …