The 6 Natural Habits for Effective Weight Loss, by Russ Nagamori


The knowledge in this book was made to be short, sweet and somewhat blunt. This is for the reason, mindless of all the information available on health and fitness, that we learn more from doing after we read as opposed to just reading alone. The health and fitness industry is full of poisonous diet pills, wrong advice, and gimmicks. Instead of presenting one or a combination of those to you, I will show you how you can lose weight in the next 30 days. This is a practical weight loss guide book. It it will not call for extreme dieting techniques, supplements, or any other gimmick. This way is completely Natural and if executed correctly, it will ultimately bring your long lasting results that you desire. Warning: This is not a get-fit-quick approach. This is the old-school natural approach that never fails. Are you ready?