Stone Cold

Martin Dillon

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In March 1988 three unarmed members of an IRA active service unit, shot dead by SAS operatives in Gibraltar, were buried in Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery. Loyalist terrorist Michael Stone unleashed a deadly rampage at their funeral, killing three people and leaving 50 more wounded before he was apprehended.

STONE COLD not only looks at Stone’s life but reveals sensational new evidence regarding the two soldiers who were caught up in the funeral cortege for the Milltown victims. The televised act of frenzied mob violence that resulted in their murders, battered senseless and then shot, sent shockwaves around the world and through Belfast itself.

Martin Dillon’s gripping account draws on his extensive conversations with Stone, now serving a life sentence in the Maze Prison, to present a chilling portrait of a charming, boastful, meticulous, sentimental and, above all, lethal killer.