Stalking the Designs of Destiny (the trilogy), by John Axelson

A mystic claims that mankind has risen and fallen many times, and Universal forces have intervened when it was necessary. Now is such a time: She said that Spirit sends individuals into physical life in the traditional way, but whose experiences are designed to become the basis of future endeavors. Of necessity to have pure experiences they could not be aware of their missions, so there comes a time when they need to be awakened to their purpose. Ultimately, this involves a teacher demolishing the beliefs the emissaries needed to embrace, from which they will learn how to approach their specific tasks. So it is that throughout time, seers, shamans, and sorcerers of particular backgrounds have refined a teaching scheme called stalking, the sole purpose of which is to free their apprentice(s) from apparently reasonable behaviors that will cause great harm down the road, as they gain knowledge and power without discipline. This work catalogues these procedures.