Spiritual Wisdom: Moving Beyond Religion, by Mike Burke

Humanity no longer trusts the ancient, archaic religious doctrines that have failed so miserably to bring them out of today’s chaotic world. Being a spiritual person has nothing to do with religion. God is not Catholic, Hindu, Baptist, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist, Jewish, or whatever. Those and all other religions are creations of man, not of God. The majority of humanity is now ready to evolve to the next level of future spiritual existence by using innate God-given abilities. Those abilities are explained in this FREE, ready-for-download eBook, for those who have grasped the limitations of religion, and are now ready to evolve to the next spiritual generation that God intended for them. World Peace may seem unattainable, but by breaking down the barriers that separate humanity, namely all of the misguided religions, it can be attained. Also included are God’s answers to such questions as abortion, crib death, AIDS, teen suicide, and more.