Soldier C: Secret War in Arabia

Shaun Clarke

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In the arid deserts and mountains of Arabia a ?secret? war is being fought.

While the Communist-backed guerrillas of the People?s Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf have been waging a campaign of terror against Oman, British Army Training Teams have been winning the hearts and minds of the people with medical aid and educational programmes.

Now the time has come to rid the country of the guerrillas, known as the Adoo, not only to free Oman, but also to guarantee the safe passage of Arabian oil to the West.

Only one group of men is capable of doing this job ? the legendary Special Air Force ? the SAS!

On the night of October 1, 1971, two squadrons of SAS troopers, backed by the Sultan?s Armed Forces and fierce, unpredictable Firqat Arab fighters, start to clear the fanatical Adoo from the summit of the mighty Jebel Dhofar ? a mountain 3,000 feet high and scorched by the desert sun. In doing so, the men of the SAS embark on one of their most daring and unforgettable adventures.

Soldier C SAS: Secret War in Arabia is the third in a series of novels based on this extraordinary regiment ? a thrilling ?factoid? adventure about the most daring soldiers in military history: the SAS!