Skinny White Freak

Paul Haddad

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Page count: 224 pages

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Language: English

What if you killed the bully? For rail-thin teenager Adam Lipsitz, disposing of his tormentor, ?Worm,” at a sleepaway camp in the late 1970s is a dark fantasy tucked away in his personal diary, out of which springs his brawny alter-ego, Ultra-Violet Man. But then one day, Adam’s fantasy and real worlds violently collide, and his life will never be the same. Skinny White Freak is a ?coming of rage” story about self-acceptance. As Adam unravels Worm’s family life with the help of a geeky girl he meets at camp, he begins to see his nemesis ? and himself ? in different lights. By journey’s end, Adam confronts his worst fears head on and emerges an unlikely hero.