Save The Animals And Children, by Robert S. Swiatek


“Save The Animals And Children” is a sophisticated children’s book about Western New York, specifically a few areas there that have been trashed by corporate pollution – adults are welcome to read it, too. Sadly, it applies to so many areas of our country. It’s Wendy’s first book, dealing with amazing animals and their synergy with two-legged animals. Besides woodchucks, you’ll read about a beagle named Annabel, a cat name Purrrl – that spelling is correct as Vanna had some extra consonants – a few deer and some wild turkeys. You’ll also be introduced to numerous other four-legged creatures, including lions named Christian and Elsa; a beagle named Barnie; four other dogs named Ace, Boo, Buddy and Marley; an extraordinary cat by the name of Oscar.