Satanism: The Truth Behind the Veil

Angela Greenig

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If we have never needed an eye opener, it is now. In this book, God is asking us to rip of the veil to see what satan is doing around us. Satan infiltrates the media and uses TV, video games, and movies to desensitize us to the ways of the Spirit. This book will equip you to recognize the signs of the times by exposing areas of the second heaven and the enemy’s schemes against the people of God. You will know that you have authority to stand in the blood with full power to tear down strongholds and advance the Kingdom of God. If we are seated with Christ in heavenly places then satan is under our feet as a defeated foe. It is time for the body of Jesus Christ to manifest this beautiful victory. Angela’s third heaven revelations will not only set you free, but also those around you. Put on your armor and prepare to move forward in victory!