Sacred Mission, The Folk of Yore, by Aubrey Manning

Environmental scientist Aubrey Manning discovers a 7th century text written by parchment maker Aurial of Darluse Wood. Prompted by its message—of Love and warning—she integrates her work in predictive computer simulations with prophecies Aurial recounts from the Society of Folk, mystical Beings of Light in the 11th dimension. Risking her career and her life, Aubrey pursues the astonishing Truths encrypted in the Book of Symbols, written in the geodimensional language of the Folk. It holds the possibility to unlock the mysteries of her research and avert a global cataclysm threatening all life. The challenges she faces in her reality—which we perceive as “fiction”—are all too real in our own. In both great change is underway and many dangers loom. Might we gain insight from Aubrey’s experience into what we face? Will we avert cataclysm and finally pass from an age of darkness, fear and separation to one of Light , Love and interconnectedness? Most importantly, how will you participate?