Riled & Wise, by Natasha Riley-Noah

This is a short book, seven of my own favorite prose-poetry works (and a bonus haiku). Some sound like stories, others like sermons. In any case, they are all an acquired taste. They are for people who like to think. So if you are a reader of only ‘light material’, this is not for you.
To me, they really are not that deep and heavy. To me, these words just represent normal human feelings that most folks can relate to. But I needed to describe them somehow so that you would have an earthly clue of what to expect.
I created these many years ago. I have been writing in this style for over twenty years, redeveloping some of these particular works along the way. A couple of them were even used for some spoken word events (under the stage name ‘Voyce’) in my hometown (New Orleans).