Riddles Requiring Resolution … for Christians


Claude O. McCoy

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Have you ever been in situations where we’ve known what we should do and just couldn’t do it? Similarly, there have been things we’ve known we shouldn’t do, but did anyway. This book, which clarifies the practical theology of Christian counseling, defines such problems and their solution. This makes it a must-read for pastors, counselors, Christian Ed teachers, and anyone else interested in resolving critical life riddles that confront all of us. It is these riddles which underlie most problems for which people seek professional counseling. You might consider it strange that most folks seek counseling because they are thinking about and processing life normally! The truth is that most folks in counseling are trapped in Riddles Requiring Resolution, something about which they are unaware. Many folks tell their counselor that they “just want to be normal.” In reality, however, they are in counseling because they do act and think normally, and that is the problem. Author Bio: Midway through Claude McCoy’s 47-year career as a Christian psychiatrist, he had a mid-life crisis that led to a severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Years of church and Sunday School attendance had not equipped him to deal successfully with the problems he was facing with health, marriage, career, and friends. He felt as though he was going to lose a large part of his life, and was powerless to remedy the situation. He was facing riddles requiring resolution. What he needed to learn was the same thing that all Christians need to learn and understand about their “Life.” Simply put, it is what Christ meant when He said He was the Way, the Truth, and the “LIFE.” An understanding of what Christ meant is the key to the solution of the majority of the riddles that we experience in our day-to-day journey here. Riddles Requiring Resolution was written in an effort to leave a legacy of riddle solutions for others. It is McCoy’s hope that through reading this book that you will gain an expanded understanding as to how much God has shown love for you by gifting you with all of “Life.” In addition, an expanded comprehension of God’s love for you will be your motivation to honor God in your daily walk and to endure the troubles that occur in your life in a God-honoring manner. keywords: Christian Counseling, Riddles Requiring Resolution, Christian Life, Riddles, Christian Self Help, Self Help For Christians, Christians Looking For Answers, Claude McCoy, Life Riddles