Oridia – The Journey for Salvation, by Jason Garrick Breetzke


Oridia – A great island which was once a pure and noble woman…The daughter of a god. She chose to sacrifice herself and become a land for all races to live in peace and harmony upon. She then fell under threat at the sadistic hands of a vile monster…Krauvac. Though he was defeated over many a year…betrayed by his own general, Branavor.
A year has passed since that day of Krauvac’s defeat, and his slayer awaits his execution…Even though he should be a grand hero to Oridia. An old man stays the execution?! Why?? What is his reasoning?! Ahhh…He knows of the events to take place in the near future. A twisted, heartless, and very powerful necromancer has managed to fool everyone and has the upper-hand. He has the broken body of Krauvac and intends to resurrect it at all cost…