No Better Friend: Celebrities and the Dogs They Love

Elke Gazzara

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No Better Friend offers a unique collection of intimate essays by celebrities about the dogs who have touched their lives, giving us the inside scoop on the bond between owner and dog, defined not by status or popularity but instead founded on what truly matters: loyalty and love. These personal stories reveal a softer side of celebrities we know only through screen, stage, and the media, and readers will find joy, laughter, and a deeper connection to their favorite pop-culture icons. Natalie Portman reveals how her dog Charlie helped her weather a broken heart; Mark Ruffalo expresses his gratitude for his dog Frieda, who prevented his young son from wading into a pond; and Steven Martin reflects on how his dog Roger defined over a decade of his life. Each essay will feature a photo of the contributor and his or her beloved canine, and dog lovers everywhere will cherish these remarkable tales of celebrities and their four-legged soul mates.