Mom Can I Be Fixed? ‘ADHD’ Your Child Needs Your Immediate Attention…, by Terry Clark

ADHD is frustrating and stressful and can wreak havoc on families, parents and educators. Parents with children diagnose with ‘ADHD’ are very confused – Where to start? What to do? How to deal with it? Who to listen to? What not to do? It can be a nightmare when your child is struggling with inattention, unable to sit still and inappropriate uncontrolled behavior you watch your child trying hard to concentrate, get frustrated and then lead into another hyperactive tantrum…receiving notes and phone calls from exhausted and upset teachers; You feel guilty that it could be your fault or wondering and worrying with good reason about the horrible, lasting effects of ADHD medication…feeling helpless,not knowing where to get help — until now! read inside and understand more about effects of ADHD.