Mexicali: mini-gem guide to surgery in Mexicali, Baja California, by K. Eckland & Carlos Ochoa Gaxiola

Just across the street from the modest city of Calexico lays a modern day Goliath, the million person metropolis of Mexicali, Baja California. This close proximity has attracted medical tourists to this heat baked desert city in droves. In a dramatic change from previous Hidden Gem titles, the authors of Mexicali! bring a more casual look at the good, the bad and the ugly side of Mexicali while maintaining a critical and objective look at the burgeoning medical tourism industry in this border city.
K. Eckland, ACNP-BC is a nurse practitioner in cardiothoracic surgery and medical writer specializing in medical tourism. This is her fourth offering in this genre.
Dr. Carlos Ochoa, MD is a board certified practicing thoracic surgeon in the city of Mexicali. He provides an insider’s loo…