Mercer Mayer’s Staying Well

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Series Description: This new BIG LITTLE CRITTER BOOK series provides a wonderful library for kids, parents, and even teachers to use, enjoy, discuss, laugh about, lean from, and be Entertained by for countless hours in all situations and circumstances. The five-book series will cover areas of behavior, character building andlife lessons in the humorous, entertaining and comforting ways only the world-famous, best-selling and beloved Little Critter could share and emulate. Heart-warming and lovable, these books are sure to charm both parent and child alike. Title Description: This special collection features entertaining stories about being healthy and STAYING WELL (THIS IS MY BODY, TAKING CARE OF MOM, I WAS SO SICK, THE LOOSE TOOTH) and uses words and phrases to help children develop reading abilities. As always, the beloved and internationally-acclaimed Little Critter character is at the center of attention and action. The Author: Mercer Mayer is one of the most prolific, talented, beloved, and bestselling children’s book authors and illustrators of all time. He began writing and illustrating children’s books in 1966, and since that time, he has published over 300 titles. Open almost any of the award-winning author/illustrator’s books, and out may pop dragons, cuddly monsters, wonderful creatures, and endearing critters. His legendary books and quintessential characters are classic favorites of kids and families around the globe and address timeless subjects that every child experiences, such as going to the dentist or being scared of big thunderstorms. Not only do the books provide great lessons, but Mr. Mayer also inserts his gentle humor into the books to show how the adorable critter and monster characters deal with common issues – thus providing wonderful child development and socialization skills support within creative story-telling venues. Home town: Roxbury, Connecticut.