Mango Shrub: And Other Narrations


Dr. Abdulkader Almujahed

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Mango Shrub: And Other Narrations contains 23 stories of love, romance, beauty, eagerness, happiness, sadness, pain, condolence, defeats and victories, history, joy and all kinds of emotions and feelings.

The story “Mango Shrub” tells of a child and his father living through a revolution, with its accompanying pain and defeat. In other stories, the child experiences prison , defeat, and victory.

This journey of love, sadness and purity also touches on the lives of a doctor, lemon vendor, princess, shepherd, and a king. As different from each other as possible, the characters still possess common goals in life.

Author Abdulkader Almujahed relates the smallest and most delicate details of the human imagination and visions. “Such visions have moved me for decades, compelling me to share them with those who care about the details of human feelings, which are found in our ordinary lives. They include stories of many people who were oppressed and left our world unnoticed, and lots of great love stories that have been forgotten.”

About the Author:

Author Abdulkader Almujahed is a 60 years old psychiatrist who works in Taiz, Yemen and cares for the most delicate and finest details of human life. He has a special interest in history, is a father of two successful sons and a psychiatrist daughter, and is a grand father of two grandsons and a charming granddaughter.

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