Lewis Philips Signature books – Book 1 – Past Present Future, Book 2 – Image of the Past, by Lewis Philips

Nostradamus writes: A man will travel from the East to the to the New City. His identity will fit the prophecy that he would be bald with a gap between his teeth and a mark on his face. These books are based on a true story – Miracles do Happen. Image of the Past describes the situations a group of people encounter during a four decade journey. The story begins with events starting in 1973 and covers the tales leading up to the present – 2001. The plotline then follows future events leading up to the year 2010. The book merges reality with fiction and mixes elements of drugs, sex and supernatural forces to create a stunning plotline. Book 3 – New Amsterdam, New York, New Babylon Falls, completes the trilogy and delivers Nostradamus’ prophecy revealing who would enter the new city of Babylon standing in the shadow of towers to deliver a message of hope for the future. “Join the journey to save and deliver The Scroll.” More titles @ www.lewisphilips.com