Leadership Seminar (hosting Shane Willard), by Mike Connell

1. Pictures from Hebrew hieroglyphics are used like a comic strip to illuminate the word. 2. Being a Peacemaker. From what started out as a joke no-one understood, a fascinating cycle of violence ensues, based on:I merely did to them, what they did to me. 3. Demonstrating God’s Power, within the Disposition of Messiah, gives us the Credibility to speak life into any situation. 4. Being a Good Neighbor. Luke 12:13 is the only time that Jesus’ actually proclaims: God is going to kill you. 5. Form versus Function. We always see form. We’re trained to see form, we think in form. Hebrew people see function. 6. Worries of this Life, Deceitfulness of Wealth. Jesus says: the worries of this life will keep the word of God from taking root in your life. It’s something that chokes your life out. The other one is the deceitfulness of wealth, which is a lie that says: if I had this I would be happy