Jon Hersey – Family Man, by Leo N Ardo


Jon, torn between the demands of three “families”, must commit his time and energy to helping his close friend who is dying in a hospital quarantine room … – ” … My respirator was tampered with. They, whoever ‘they’ are, knew I was there. Somehow the motor maintenance man, and his toolbox, is involved. Get Jon to finish this disruption. He should be able to finish after I give Anna my report, hopefully before that nurse gets back.” – “you are in the hospital?!!” – “with under four weeks before I die. Two weeks before I won’t be able to talk. You promise me that you will insure I will not live my last two weeks as a cucumber. Peter, you know I would honor your last wish!” – “Daryl, I will take care of it.”
Dreams of his soul-mate begin to frighten and confuse him …