Indictment Of Eternal Torment, by E. D. Slough


E. D. Slough was the preacher at the church of Christ; Terre Haute, Indiana in 1914 when, “The Indictment Of Eternal Torment, The Self-negation Of A Monstrous Doctrine” was printed. It has long been out of print and used copies are hard to find. It is now in pubic domain and can be printed by anyone. His book is ever bit as good as “The Fire That Consumes” by Edward Fudge, but it did not receive much circulation. Brother Fudge believes there is a Hell and all the lost will be in it, but believes it will be a short Hell that will end with the death of those that has been in Hell for a while, and they will be tormented by God for as long as they are in Hell. The fate of those not in Christ according to: • According to Slough o Death – Resurrection – Judgment – Second death • According to Fudge o Death – Resurrection – Judgment – Hell – Second death During the Judgment there most likely will be fear and regret when the lost see what they…