In My Mind’s ‘I’, by Paul Keller

This is an esoteric, spiritual and philosophical book wrapped up in fantasy, ready to be unravelled like an ancient puzzle.
Pazamor, from the land of Dronagon, a mystic traveller from the future in an age past. He is apprentice to the Master Tang and is given the difficult task of restoring King Dronagon to his rightful throne and bringing peace to the land.
He has his friends to help him in this dangerous quest. Among them are Sapphira, a beautiful sorceress and Duke, a noble and loyal squire.
While on his mystical journey through life, Pazamor not only finds himself, but through a very special book given to him by his Master, he ‘realises’ the answers to many of his unanswered questions about this wonderful life all around him – often taken for granted and missed by the masses.
His spiritual eyes and ears are opened to other worlds which are as real to the one in which we live, move and have our being.