In Medusa’s Mirror, by maïa


IN MEDUSA’S MIRROR: A tragicomedy in six acts
A collection of essays, poems and miscellaneous bits of wonder-whys by a writer who’s part Billy-Graham-minus-Bible, part David Copperfield-without-wand. Mama’s chicken soup for the soul is served up here, while the author does battle with our worst enemies…our long-deluded selves.
IN MEDUSA’S MIRROR contains philosophical/inspirational essays and poems on social problems and human behavior from both First World and Third World perspectives, the poetry maïa aptly calling “philosetry.”
Are you brave enough (& honest enough) to look into MEDUSA’S MIRROR?
Go ahead, I dare you!
(excerpted from introduction by: E. M. Fay, Writer-Animal Rights Activist)