I Taught God to Gamble


Joshua Hosea

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How can a person who is a non-believer get into heaven? This is what happened to the man known as Travesty. He didn’t have one religious bone in his body, yet when he died he ended up in heaven – how’s that work? Joshua Hosea invites you to hitch a crazy ride on a journey like no other as you follow Travesty through his trials and tribulations on Earth, as in heaven. He rises quickly through the heavenly ranks to become the Profit T, that’s Profit as opposed to Prophet. This story tells you how the universe was really formed, and what’s with this ‘Period of Relativity’ and ‘Accidental Evolution’ nonsense? You’ll gain first-hand knowledge as to who really gets into heaven. It’s true, God’s such a fussy old bugger, he has his own personal ‘Natural Selection’ process. Charles Darwin never knew about it. Be amazed as God sends Travesty back to Earth to solve the Global Financial Crisis by teaching its people how to gamble their way out of it. I Taught God to Gamble is engaging, quirky, funny, and a story completely out of left field. Strap on your wildest imagination for this read, it’s action packed and hilarious. You’ll be left thinking, ‘If heaven and the afterlife is this good, sign me up immediately.’ Funnier than watching a Roman being trampled by a donkey – Joseph, father of Jesus (perhaps)I’m not happy, he could have shown me in better light – JesusI wish the Profit T was my son instead of the other guy – MaryHe’s such a clever boy – Joshua’s mumI want to be like the Profit guy – Joshua HoseaHey, he wrote my Bible for me you know. He’s smarter than my boy – God, father of Jesus(no perhaps about it)