How To Have That One Big Idea, by Marc Stewart

This book is 19 years in the making. It gives its reader information never before seen, heard or written down before in the history of the world. It gives its promise. Being knowledge of psychology, biology, chemistry, neuroscience and much more all wrapped up in a simple lover of physics and philosophy package. It marks the introduction of one discipline called Consciousness Engineering. It empowers the reader as it gives a positive new original non-fiction gift of never before given information designed to free the world of disease and violence with your help in making a massive quantum entangled thought. It gives the world and everyone in it a chance to be apart of a worldwide chance to bring about a belated Utopia by the alteration of unwanted dangerous for us electricity which as it turns out is not Earth’s natural energy system. And also inside the book there is more than one cash prize of 1,000,000 US dollars for proving Marc’s invention for free clean positive magnetic energy.