How To Connect With Your Loved Ones In The Afterlife, by Vanayssa Love


Death does not carry a sting, as literature describes, but rather is an unacceptable, overwhelming landslide of nightmare from which there is no escape for those bereaved ones left behind. Our world-wide religions and cultures make no sense of it. But across the planet there is at this time an expansion of consciousness going on, despite the darkness we see on the news. Light is dawning in the form of thousands of testimonies, blogs, forums, movies and books which declare the incredible discovery: there is no death. Every child born is born Immortal. And more, we can communicate, every day in life if we want, with our loved ones who are on “the other side”. They are not lost to us. It is possible for us to walk among them, where they are, and return home to our physical bodies. These skills are readily available to everyone who searches for them. My personal discovery of this Truth is presented here.