How to Become Famous in High School, by Grey Gheist

In Almost Famous Town lived Beau Braithewaite. In his dreams he was a black leather jacket wearing, cigarette smoking, Rebel motorcycle riding, undefeated street-fighter. In reality, he was just a zero — without future or friend — playing the lead role in the loneliest movie never made.
But as he walked home on the first day of high school he resolved that by the time he graduated, if it was the last thing he ever did, he would become famous. . .
Have you ever been rejected or known great sadness? Have you ever been made shy from the fear of peer pressure? Have you felt anger about it all and thought death would be better? Do you think sometimes you might be the loneliest person who ever walked the earth?
This is the story of one who felt all that, and overcame it. You might do it the way he did it – or maybe you will choose a different path – it all depends on what you believe.
Every human being who has a dream must rise above obscurity, authority, oppression and rejection by a deep and sincere love for life and that dream.
But first…
There is a gauntlet that must be walked.