How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living, by Joseph Miller


We’ve all heard that song, haven’t we? Chances are you’ve heard it and thought to yourself, yeah right, I wish it were that simple.
Well, it is that simple. . .however it isn’t easy. How would you respond right now to the question, are you happy? If you have to stop and think about it, you could use some work in the happiness department.
Many of us think that happiness is something that you either are. . .or are not and that isn’t quite true. Happiness is an emotion and just like other emotions it can be controlled, if you know how.
Which brings us to How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living. Now, you may be thinking, just a minute here are you saying that there is a guidebook that tells me how to be happy?
Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying.