How I became Somewhat Civilized…and How Civilization Can Become Somewhat More So, by Evan Bedford


“Civilized”. What does it mean at the personal level? What does it mean at the societal level? And at the global level? At the personal level, we all have a pretty good idea of what it means (and Bedford relates his own journey, starting as a pre-schooler with sticky fingers and a growing nose). But when it comes to the pre-requisites for a civilized society, the consensus falls apart. A libertarian sees quite a different road map from that which a socialist sees. And Bedford sees something different again (based on five years of graduate studies, looking at societal sustainability). He sees concepts such as Deliberative Democracy and Civic Journalism as being able to help civilization emulate its own definition in the dictionary. And then there are the fringe elements, such as Morphic Resonance and Psychedelics. How do these mangy curs fit into a world still trying to figure out if it wants to be sacred or secular? But far from a mere regurgitation of ideas, Bedford rela…