Hobart at Home, by Peter Barns

Hobart is a pugnacious, yet loveable rogue, who manipulates his long suffering nephew into numerous tricky situations; including, hunting an ostrich with a smelly sock, visiting France in a home made balloon, exploding the farm’s best cow, and shooting the world’s only homing pig. Hobart is the kind of man that you like to meet, but can’t wait to walk away from. His homemade philosophy is: “Everything’s okay, so long as there’s plenty ‘o beer ter be drunk.” Recently, widowed, Hobart is on the look out for someone to cook, clean and tidy up for him, a point his nephew misses until it’s far too late. Hobart is a forceful character with strong views, and woe betide anyone who disagrees with him. If you like a chuckle at people’s misfortunes – you’ll love Hobart at Home.