Healing : Cause & Cure for Human Main Disease (HMD) and Related Diseases


Ph.D., Masood Arjmand

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I was physically and mentally sick, and conventional knowledge was not providing me with any answers. I started manipulating my body and figured out what was wrong. I wrote down my observations and conclusions, and now I am healthy.

I had no prior knowledge of any of the diseases that I write about. Most of the time, I would first figure out the symptoms of the disease, and would then find the name of it.

Through desperation, and because conventional knowledge was not providing me with any logical answers, I needed to heal my own body. I observed that our perception of the cause of diseases is wrong. Sooner or later my suggestions will be put to practice and then everything will change. We will enter a new age, and hopefully a disease-free world.

About the Author:

Born in southwestern Iran, Masood Arjmand has a B.S. degree from the college of agriculture, University of Tehran, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in entomology from Penn State. He specialized in the chemistry of pesticides. He was chairman of the biology department at the university of Shiraz. “Mullahs wanted me to eliminate evolution from the curriculum of biology and add religious courses. I resisted and was consequently labeled as a heretic. Out of fear for my life, I went underground and escaped Iran in 1981. I spent five years in West Germany at the University of Freiburg. I now live in the town of Bonita Springs, Florida.

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